Magnasoft 830TS





–Magnasoft 830TS hand modifier is a silicone material that is compatible with most solvent-based polyurethane resins used in top-coating of polyester and polyamide fabrics and nonwoven materials. Magnasoft 830TS hand modifier provides a silky-smooth feel with a “skin-like” finish on the fabrics and nonwoven materials coated with solvent-based PU resins that have been incorporated in the PU top coating bath.
In addition to enhancing the softness, Magnasoft 830TS hand modifier helps improve abrasion resistance and reduce tackiness on the surfaces of PU-coated fabrics and nonwoven materials associated with extended fabric storage life.
–Magnasoft 830TS hand modifier is compatible with most dispersible solvent-based PU resin systems, such as: PU resin dispersion with DMF (dimethyformamide), and MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) solvents. Magnasoft 830TS hand modifier is commonly used for polyester and polyamide fabrics and nonwoven coatings.