矽油膏 — 低溫潤滑




– Versilube® G321 is a soapthickened,dimethyl-diphenyl polysiloxane based grease. Formulated to conform with the specifications outlined in the commercial item description (CID) A-A-59173 Type II, Versilube G321 resists oxidation and degradation even under extreme conditions.
– Applications: This product has an exceptionally broad operating temperature range; the grease retains its lubricity at temperatures as low as – 100°F (- 73°C), which makes it well suited for use in cryogenic systems. Also, Versilube G321 is designed to have excellent long term aging and work stability characteristics that make it ideal for use in neglected areas.
– Appearance: Off-white to tan paste
– Penetration (worked 60X)
.Test Method: ASTM D 217
.Performance Range: 260-300
– Bleed
.Test Method: 150°C / 24 hours
.Performance Range: 4.0 % maximum
– Evaporation
.Test Method: 150°C / 24 hours
.Performance Range: 3.0 % maximum