矽油膏 — 防腐蝕保護




– Versilube® G322L is a soapthickened grease based upon methylalkyl polysiloxane fluids. In addition to offering higher load carrying capabilities, surfaces may be cleaned more effectively to improve soldering and paintablity.
– Applications: This product is designed for use as a lubricant on aluminum and steel substrates. Versilube G322L
contains additives for enhanced corrosion protection. An ideal product for lubricating and protecting linkages, bushings, bearings, lock hinges, engine components and other mechanisms. G322L is safe to use on a variety of plastics, metals, glass and painted surfaces.
– Appearance: Yellow paste
– Penetration (worked 60X) .Test Method: ASTM D 217 .Performance Range: 270-330
– Bleed .Test Method: 150°C / 24 hours .Performance Range: 15.0 % maximum
– Evaporation .Test Method: 150°C / 24 hours .Performance Range: 3.0 % maximum