– Versilube® G330M is a soapthickened grease based upon methylalkyl polysiloxane fluids. In addition to offering higher load carrying capabilities, surfaces may be cleaned more effectively to improve soldering and paintablity. – Applications: This unique formulation, a special blend of halogenated fillers and silicone fluid, offers the highest load carrying capabilities of any Versilube® product. Versilube G330M is the product of choice for lubricating and protecting linkages, bushings, bearings, lock hinges, engine components and other intricate mechanisms. G330M is safe to use on a variety of plastics, metals, glass and painted surfaces.
– Appearance: Off-white to tan paste – Penetration (worked 60X) .Test Method: ASTM D 217 .Performance Range: 250-300
– Bleed .Test Method: 150°C / 24 hours .Performance Range: 3.0 % maximum
– Evaporation .Test Method: 150°C / 24 hours .Performance Range: 3.0 % maximum