– Novagard® G641 is a heat transfer compound that is formulated with select polydimethyl siloxane fluids in combination with metallic oxide fillers to provide superior thermal conductivity.
– Applications: Designed for use as a heat transfer compound in both the electrical, and the electronic industries, Characterized by its high thermal conductivity, high dielectric constant, and high dissipation
factor, G641 is an ideal material for use in thermocouple wells, power diodes, transistors, semiconductors,
ballasts among various other applications. G641 exhibits excellent long-term storage stability, without the oil separation that is common to other brand names. – Appearance: White paste – Penetration (worked 60X) .Test Method: ASTM D 217 .Performance Range: 240-320 – Bleed .Test Method: 200°C / 24 hours .Performance Range: 1.0 % maximum – Evaporation .Test Method: 200°C / 24 hours .Performance Range: 2.0 % maximum – Specific Gravity: 2.4 minimum