– Novagard G662 is a grease-like material formulated with select polydimethyl siloxane fluids in combination with inert, amorphous silica fillers. Novagard G662 is a stiff, tacky, non-melting silicone compound with good resistance to water and most chemicals. Novagard G662 is an NSF® certified product. It complies with FDA regulation 21 CFR Section 178.3570 Lubricants with incidental food contact.
– Applications: Novagard G662 is most frequently used as a valve and O-ring lubricant; however, the material’s unique dual nature, lubricity and sealing, supports a long list of both past, and current applications. Applications range from a valve and O-ring lubricant in small, hydraulic piston assemblies to a high vacuum sealant in laboratory services.
– Appearance: Translucent Paste
– Penetration (worked 60X) .Test Method: ASTM D 217 .Performance Range: 200 – 300
– Bleed .Test Method: 200°C / 24 hours .Performance Range: 1.0 % maximum
– Evaporation .Test Method: 200°C / 24 hours .Performance Range: 2.0 % maximum