Silicone rubber offers good elasticity, insulation, heat resistance, cold resistance, weather resistance, aging resistance and excellent electrical properties. It’s widely applied and found in many industries such as food, medical treatment, electrical appliances, transportation, construction, and high-tech fields like electronic communication, aviation, aerospace, etc.

Exceptional Temperature Stability

Silicone materials can be used stably within temperature range from -40°C to +200°C without deterioration. Even under wider temperature range from -60°C to +300°C, it can still maintain outstanding elasticity property. It can withstand the lowest temperature of -100°C and the highest one of approximately +300°C.

Excellent Weather Resistance

Silicone has the chemical property as good as glass. It is very strong and resistant to aging, hardening, cracking and peeling, and less likely to be affected by climate while it can resist rain, ice, UV light, ozone, and extreme temperatures.

Easy to Clean

Due to relatively low surface energy, chemicals and stains are less likely to react with silicone surface, making it easier to clean.

Chemical Resistance

Silicone materials are resistant to many chemicals, including solvents, oxidizing chemicals, ammonia, etc.

Water and Slip Resistance

Silicone offers good water resistance, which keeps electrical equipment safe to be used in a humid environment. Meanwhile, it provides excellent slip resistance in dry and anhydrous state, and good sliding performance under hydrous condition.

Exceptional Electrical Property

Silicone rubber, which is derived from silicate mineral, offers excellent insulation property and is very suitable for electronic products application. If the conductive filler is mixed with silicone rubber, then it will have good conductivity.

Good Shock Absorption

Silicone is one elastomer with excellent flexibility, good cushioning and shock resistance. Moreover, it is soft in texture, and feels pleasant to touch.

Medical Grade and Biocompatibility

Medical grade silicone can be skin-contact with the human body for long time, and have good stability when used as a medical instrument tube. Compared to other elastomers, silicone rubber can still maintain excellent compatibility and extremely low tissue response when it is implanted in human tissues.

Food Grade

Food-grade silicone that has passed the US FDA certification is commonly used to make pacifier, silicone cutlery, leak proof seal and gasket for container, and conveying medium in food processing industry.

Various Colors Available

As silicone materials are highly transparent, it could be customized with diverse colors according to customers demand.