Silicone products have been widely used in daily life. The characteristics of safety and non-toxicity, high temperature resistance, easy cleaning, skin-friendliness, soft texture, eco-friendliness and durability of silicone rubber makes it suitable for producing various consumer goods, such as creative stationery, daily necessities and electronic devices decorations, etc. Besides, it can be made available in various colors and shapes so that to facilitate product designers in presenting unique and high-quality products.

Scope of Applications

1.All kind of consumer goods (Insulation coasters, food wrap, anti-slip pads for cars, silicone placemats, silicone beauty masks)

2.Cultural and creative design products (silicone action figure, silicone keychain, phone case)

3.Handmade silicone mold (Suitable for poly resin, epoxy resin, art candle, gypsum, handmade soap mold or cement product mold)

4.Others (silicone protective covers/cases, silicone grip holder, silicone logo)

Products of Applications