High temperature resistant silicone rubber is an indispensable and important material for the manufacture of automobiles and transportation vehicles. Silicone rubber is used in many important sealing products due to many good properties such as high temperature resistance, flex resistance, and anti-aging. The use of silicone rubber not only optimizes the automobile manufacturing process, but also improves product performance and safety.

Scope of Applications

1.Automotive adhesives and sealants (Reflector lights, exhaust pipes, headlights and taillights, measuring instruments)
2.Waterproof sealing materials (electronic and electrical assembly potting and encapsulation, deck seam sealing, cable joints)
3.Impregnation and Potting materials (Electronic control system, sensor, TV feedback transformer)
4.Filler and sealing (Electrical switches, cable joints, power distribution boxes in ships, coil miniature components, spark plugs, high-voltage cables)
5.Others (Airbag coatings, hoses, ignition wires and coil sheaths, automotive turbocharger cooling pipes)