As one of the excellent medical polymer materials, silicone rubber has many good properties, such as non-toxic, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, high transparency, durability, high resilience, and resistance to a variety of chemicals, which make it the first choice for the production of medical products. In addition, the superb biocompatibility of silicone rubber makes it difficult to cause rejection. Therefore, silicone rubber is often used as a substitute for internal organs or tissues, and in medical equipment and products, etc.

Scope of Applications

1.Medical consumables and auxiliary materials (Medical catheters, artificial skins, burn dressings, dental restoration materials, medical electrode pads, emergency breathing balloons, injection needle plugs/plungers)

2.Medical auxiliary equipments and parts (Artificial cartilage, prosthetic limbs, insoles, surgical decompression pads, rehabilitation equipments)