Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber (RTV) is a kind of liquid silicone rubber. It was mainly cured by reaction at room temperature in the old days. Due to continuously increase in applications, a variety of specifications and reaction methods have been continuously developed. It has applications in potting, bonding, sealing and coating of many fields like construction, electronics, electricity, automotive, and general industries.

RTV packing methods include one-component and two-component. Three types of curing methods are condensation curing, addition curing, and ultraviolet curing in order to meet the operating requirements, curing conditions, equipments, and material properties of various products.

1.Condensation Cure RTVWhen exposed to moisture in the air at room temperature, it is cured to form elastic silicone rubber. Depending on chemical by-products released during the curing process, one-component liquid RTV can be divided into neutral (oxime/alcohol) cure silicone, and acetoxy cure silicone.

2.Addition Cure RTV
Curing under heating or room temperature to form elastic silicone rubber.

3.Ultraviolet Cure RTVCuring under ultraviolet radiation to form elastic silicone rubber (only one-component)

RTV exhibits its excellent characteristics in many harsh working environments. It still has good adhesion to many substrates, such as metals, plastics, glass, and ceramics without using primers. It can be used in caulking, bonding, insulation, liner, coating, coating, etc. According to different characteristics, it can be divided into general purpose, high strength, solvent resistance, heat resistance, and flame retardant.