Howren Trading was found in 1970, an active professional distributor of silicone materials and specialty chemicals. Howren mainly distributes silicone raw materials of global well-known brands, such as Wacker, Momentive Performance Materials (formerly known as GE, Toshiba, Bayer), KCC (South Korea), Elkem, Novagard, etc. As to specialty chemicals, Howren is majorly selling products of famous brands like Climax (molybdenum products), Chela (silicone digestive solvent), U.S. SILICA (silicone oil, rubber and plastic fillers), etc. With a complete range of products, Howren is now a major supplier of silicone materials in Taiwan and Greater China.

Silicone rubber is widely applied and found in many industries including electronic communication, construction, medical treatment and healthcare, automobile and transportation, energy, textiles, kitchenware, childcare products, and other consumer products, etc. Sales offices and branches are based at Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Dongguan, Shanghai, Xiamen, Bangkok, and Ho Chi Minh. Meantime, Howren is also actively preparing overseas offices in other countries in Southeast Asia to expand the sales territory

With over 50 years of professional technology and experience, our Research and Development Department continues to develop its own brand – HOWREN SILICONES, develops the most suitable materials in order to meet customers demands of product specifications and processing conditions, and to provide more complete products information and technical support. Moreover, large warehouse is set up in plant area with strict production control and planning, and incoming-outgoing goods management, which can properly store and manage goods, and also offer repackage in smaller quantities according to customer requests so that to provide high-quality customer service and product delivery. Through strict production control, fast delivery, excellent quality, preferential prices, Howren provides customers with more diversified products and services.