Food-grade silicone complied with US FDA regulation has excellent characteristics such as high temperature resistance, flex resistance, easy cleaning, and anti-aging, etc. The material itself does not contain harmful chemicals to human body (such as heavy metals, BPA, PFC, plasticizers, formaldehyde); and products made from silicone can be applied in dishwashers, dish dryers, microwaves, steam sterilization, freezing, etc., and suitable for various cooking utensils in the kitchen. At the same time, silicone rubber can be presented in diversified colors and shapes according to actual needs, which adds benefits to product design.

Scope of Applications

1.Silicone parts on food machinery (food processing conveyor belts, anti-leak gaskets for food vessels, internal silicone parts of food containers.

2.Various kitchen utensils (shaped bakeware, silicone kitchen scraper, placemat, icebox, food container, and kettle)