LRS(Liquid silicone rubber)

Like other rubbers, liquid silicone rubber (LSR) can be processed into various shapes products. It includes two agents A and B, which are 1:1 mixed and then injected into the mold through LSR injection molding equipment for curing. LSR is suitable for products which rubber cannot be used or satisfied. This is a large-scale continuous production of silicone polymer, with fast vulcanization speed and low molding temperature. It can also be combined with composite applications. Moreover, the biocompatibility of liquid silicone rubber is the key feature of products requirement.

Different from HTV silicone rubber, the product properties of LSR are well-prepared by the raw material manufacturer when it is produced. It has the widest operating temperature range(-100°C ~ 350°C) and excellent resistance to high and low temperatures. Depending on different properties, it includes general purpose, solvent and oil resistance, high-tear strength, self-adhesive, heat resistance, flame retardancy, self-lubricating, electrical conductivity, and high optical transparency.