Silicone Grease — Water Repellant and Prevent Corrosion



Product Properties

 – Novagard® G624 is an amorphous fumed silica thickened, polysiloxane based compound.
Originally formulated to conform with the specifications outlined in SAE AS-8660, Novagard G624 is an excellent water barrier with superior corrosion protection properties. Similar in many aspects to G623 only produced to a slightly higher penetration specification (softer).
– Applications: Novagard G624 is a general purpose compound; formulated specifically for use as a water
repellant coating to prevent corrosion, especially in critical applications that require good dielectric properties. G624 offers superior corrosion protection to many metal substrates. Proven compatibility with a wide range of plastics and elastomeric materials.
– Appearance: Translucent paste
– Penetration (worked 60X)
.Test Method: ASTM D 217
.Performance Range: 200-310
– Bleed
.Test Method: 200°C / 30 hours
.Performance Range: 8.0 % maximum
– Evaporation
.Test Method: 200°C / 30 hours
.Performance Range: 2.0 % maximum