Soft Llubricity



Product Properties

 – Novagard® G665 is a soft, greaselike material formulated with select polydimethyl siloxane fluids in combination with inert, amorphous silica fillers. G665 is an extremely soft, non-melting silicone
compound with good resistance to water and most chemicals.
– Applications: Novagard G665 is a customformulated compound, which is most frequently used as a lubricant
in electrical services; however, the material’s applications could range beyond electrical services to valve
and O-ring lubrication in small, hydraulic piston assemblies and sealing and corrosion protection. Conforms to the requirements of 21 CFR Section 178.3570 “Lubricants for Incidental Food Contact.”
– Appearance: Translucent
– Penetration (unworked)
.Test Method: ASTM D 217
.Performance Range: 380– 400
– Penetration (worked 60x)
.Test Method: ASTM D 217
.Performance Range: 380 – 420